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Why Cats are Better Pets Than Dogs

Cat and DogCity Kitty answers: I know about this first hand, because I live with a dog named Keyla. Now Keyla will tell you that dogs are better than cats, but statistics prove otherwise. According to Wikipedia, cats are currently the most popular pet in the entire world.

I could give you 100 reasons why cats make better pets than dogs, but here are my top 10.

  1. When company comes to visit, dogs give an effusive greeting - running about wildly, jumping up on people, barking loudly. Cats could never compete with the decibels of a dog, and just prefer to observe your company from a cool, non-intrusive distance.

  2. Cats keep the bugs down. They are fascinated by little winged creatures or crawling things and are MASTER exterminators.

  3. A cat's hearing is much more sensitive than a dog's. They can judge within 3" the precise location of a sound being made 36" away.

  4. Dogs smell. I'm sorry, but even after a bath, there's a doggy smell hanging around. A dog can go for months without volunteering to take a bath. Cat's don't need baths and fancy shampoos. They are fastidious self-groomers, and take care to be clean and odor-free at all times.

  5. Your neighbor will never call you in the middle of the night to tell you your cat is meowing too loudly. But an outdoor dog can ruin your neighbor's sleep - as well as your friendship.

  6. Cats are more independent. They need less care and you can leave them home alone for long periods of time. With a dog, you have to keep an eye on the clock, because you know they're going to need a potty break.

  7. Cats can do their "business" inside, with a quick trip to the litter box. But dogs ask to go outside several times a day - no matter if it's snowing, sleeting, blazing hot, or raining.

  8. A cat can survive on its own in the wild, as it is a natural hunter, while dogs generally need a human to fetch for them. However, many a stray cat has entered an unsuspecting human's yard - and soon had them trained with a regular feeding schedule.

  9. Cats don't chew up your slippers, and their breath doesn't stink.

  10. A cat takes better care of its toys. You can give me a new toy to play with, I'll keep it in my basket, and it will last for a couple of years. A dog can demolish a new toy in five minutes flat.

Keyla's Rebuttal: Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats