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City Kitty Climber

Facts About the City Kitty Climber

  • Lets cats exercise their instinct to climb and scratch
  • 4 scratching posts in one: use top and bottom & back!
  • Safe for claws, no metal
  • Mounts and dismounts easily and securely to a door
  • Attractive and sleek design
  • Quality, non-treated pine (sanded, natural)
  • Finest sisal (3/8”, non-oiled, bright and pretty)
  • Stable and secure from wobbling
  • Only 1/32” clearance required to close door
  • Door can stay closed or opened!
  • Fully assembled with installation instructions included
  • Measures approx. 6¼”W, 1½”D, 6’L, 13 lbs.
  • Made in the USA

Wall mount model is also available.
Simply send separate email to order that.

Climber fits doors up to 7-ft.  Please email us after you place your order if your door is larger or for a shorter model for your cat run. If you have any questions, always feel free to ask.


Q: I interested in buying one of your City Kitty Climbers, and was wondering how long it would take to receive one.

A. We build the climbers ourselves, and have a ready stock available. They are shipped on the next business day after your order, via Fed-Ex, and it usually take three to six days to arrive at our customer's door.

Q. Do you ship to Canada?

A. We have shipped to Canada with special arrangements regarding the shipping cost. However, we have found that for most prospective customers, the price is prohibitive. The least expensive way to ship to Canada is via the post office, but they do not give a tracking number for a box this size. The box is 73" x 4" x 7" and weighs 13 pounds.

Q. I want to put the climber in my cat run, but a 6' climber is too tall. Can you build one that is shorter?

A. Yes. Our machine can be adjusted to build a climber to your dimensions. There is no extra charge for this service.

Q. There is a shelf running all the way around the perimeter of a room in my house, and I would like to mount the climber on the wall. Can you build a wall mount style?

A. Yes, we can. We have several customers whose kitties are happily perching on high shelves - after accessing them by climbing up a City Kitty Climber attached to the wall.

Q. I'm a single woman, and I'm concerned that I won't be able to get the City Kitty Climber attached to my door.

A. The climber easily attaches to the door with a strap like a seat belt.that lassoes around the door and secures with Velcro. The climber is delivered with the strap already attached to the climber, so all you have to do is slide the strap around the door, pull it tight and close the Velcro.

Q. Will the door still open and close after a City Kitty Climber is mounted?

A. The climber does not affect the door function. It still opens and shuts as always. But some cats prefer that you leave the door open, so they can perch on top of the door.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.