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Cat climbing the wall
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Cat Climbing Wall

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Take a WILD Guess

Vivian Frawley's Cat

Great... Kitty loves it. Excellent quality looks very well made. A+++++

“I met you this afternoon at the Expo in Chicago and bought one of your City Kitty Climbers.  As soon as I got home I put it up on my bedroom door.  Within 15 minutes 4 cats had made it to the top.  The b/w American Bobtail I showed you a picture of climbed up half way on the sly...she didn't want anyone watching just in case she fell.  So far Arbie, Kharma, Jester, Beckett, Logan, Annie, Mouse have climbed it and that was only during the first night.  They LOVE it.   - Vivian Frawley

Barbara & Rich's kittiesHi. I just wanted to show you how we used our 2 new cat climbers. We saw you both in Louisville. At first they weren't sure what to do, but the younger cats finally just ran right up. Then my husband came up with the idea of put shelves up over the climber. He also placed some carpet at the top for an easier transition. 5 out of the 6 cats we have a great time. The only cat that doesn’t use it to climb is Oreo (double-stuffed) 18 pounds is too much weight for him to climb, but he does scratch at it. See you at the next show. Barbara & Rich

Barbara & Rich's kitties

Hi. Our neighbors came over and saw the cat climbing on our new City Kitty Climber, and they had to have one for their cat too. Please send another one right away. I want to give it to them for Christmas. Thanks, Susie M.

Hi :) The cats are finally learning to how to use the climber. Thanks again for a great product. :) Cheers, Logan

Logan"s Kitty

Send a photo of your cat on the City Kitty Climber. We would love to add it to this page.